John Chapter 13: Sharing Thoughts

DENNIS - I am intrigued by what Jesus knew. I also am fascinated by what is not said. No one said anything about the way Jesus washed the feet of Judas. Jesus showed the same care for his feet as he did for all the others. Do people know who my Judas is? can they tell by the way I treat those around me. be blessed all

MEGAN - If we knew we were going to die what is the thing we would tell our loved ones? I think we would try to tell them the most important thing we can think of. Jesus knew He was going to die and the things that He choose to tell His disciples was to serve other and love others. That might be what we need to focus on the most.

JOSHUA - Verse 4 starts with the word "So". I am not an English major, but that seems to me to indicate that the actions he takes in this sentence are BECAUSE of the previous sentence. BECAUSE he knew that he had all that power and authority, He washed their feet. Is that what we would do if we had all of that power and authority? Is Jesus trying to set a good example for us here, or is he teaching us something about the purpose of God's power?

FLOYD - The first verse of this chapter means so much to me, He love his own in the world and he loved them to the end. The rest of the chapter shows a demonstration of that love. We are his servants to be there for  the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ, Whatever that need may be

JOHN - “Jesus answered and said to him, “What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after this.””John 13:7  How often this verse has applied to me throughout my Christi an life!  I thought I understood so much after going through the Jule Miller film strips and was baptized.  Thought I had all the answers when I graduated with my Bible degree from OVC.  After preaching and teaching Bible classes for over 30 years, surely I had helped many souls "understand" what God wanted them to do.  The one thing I do understand at this stage in my life is that I will understand things better as He continues to speak to me.  God forgive me for my harm that I have caused from my lack of understanding.

MELISSA - I don’t think we always realize what a sacrificial job washing feet was. Today it’s not really that big a deal. We wear socks and shoes and have pretty clean feet. In Jesus time they wore sandals and walked on streets made of dirt that was covered in animal poop and sewage. They also didn’t have indoor plumbing to easily take a shower. So, their feet were really gross. At Passover they didn’t sit in chairs, they laid on the floor reclined against each other, so it was very likely to have feet in your face. So, washing the feet was a very important job but it was reserved for the lowliest of servants. Jesus is the creator, king of kings, yet he did the lowliest of jobs to serve people He knew would fail Him repeatedly. May I be a little more like Jesus today and serve others even when they don’t deserve it.

PENNY - It is still a very humbling deed even today. I have had students wash my feet and it is very moving and I had showered that morning.

RENEE - I’ve never noticed before that Jesus said that he was giving a new command to his disciples at the END of his ministry before the cross. Love each other.  If someone would have asked me when Jesus gave that command, I would have thought it was much earlier in His ministry.

Two commands at this time right before the cross:

Serve each other 

Love each other

(Just like Jesus)

RODNEY - My feelings on the lesson He was teaching them was humility.  We are to love everyone and do things to aid the less fortunate as well as those who are more blessed than others.  Basically, we are told to treat everyone equally, no matter who or what they are.

STEVE - My take from John 13: How differently would WE live our lives, or treat others if WE- like Jesus knew WHEN we were going to die?