John Chapter 12: Sharing Thoughts

TIM - John 12 3 Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.  5...It was worth a year's wages.

          What have I sacrificed recently for God?

·         How have I proclaimed his Lordship in my life?

·         How have I given him thanks lately? 

MARY is:

·         Humble – at his feet

·         Perceptive – from at his feet listening to teaching?  You can’t serve him unless listen

·          Timely – Gal 6:10 as opportunity – do good  9:4 while it is day – night comes –no one can work

·         Sharply criticized -yet Jesus approved

·         Extravagant

·         Fruitful –whole house filled with fragrance

Mk 14:9 – wherever gospel preached, her story will be told

-Her service went far beyond her dreams.  I wonder what God is doing with ours?

FLOYD - When you read this chapter, think about how you serve. Martha and Mary served in different ways. Judas way was take, take, take. Jesus tells us how we can serve.

MELISSA - Vs. 45 Jesus says, “whoever sees me sees Him who sent me.” I love that all we have to do to know God is to look at Jesus.

DOC - It amazes me how people back then and now are so much alike.  Verse 42-43  many of the rulers did believe in Him, but do to peer pressure were afraid to admit their belief and verse 43 is so true of many today.  They want to hear the praise of earthly men rather than of our heavenly Father.

DENNIS - So much rich material here. The scary part for me is the disciples missed the God signs. I wonder what I'm missing? open my eyes Lord. 

JOSHUA - I think it is awesome that, for the triumphant entry as we call it, the people started with "Praise God!"  I find it encouraging that it really is possible to recognize that God is working even when we don't understand why or how. These people were probably expecting a King, and there was probable some of these people at the crucifixion later, but for now they knew Jesus was great because he came in the name of the Lord. A real pity so many of them could not take the next step and put their faith in them.