Our Staff 

Tim Rine // PReacher


 I live with the joy of the Lord (Nehemiah 8:10; 1Peter 1:8).  There is nothing better than being a child of God and finding security in life through my Savior (1John 5:13).  My preaching is grace oriented because my life is grace filled having been overwhelmed by the gifts of God. 

My wife Becky and I have been married for 36 years.  We have been blessed with 6 children and 10 grandchildren (and counting). 

Personally, I’m a dreamer, visionary and motivator.  I like looking at the big picture, setting goals to reach new territory and motivating the congregation and leaders to press on to meet those goals. Nehemiah is my hero as he pleads with God for the things on his heart.  He is always praying AND planning. 

Email me at:  tim@cnhrogers.com