Sunday children's Worship

We want our kids to know Jesus, His father's love, and their church family!  We worship together with all age groups and have a large group lesson time.  Then the kids are broken into small groups by their ages. At this point, the Small Group Leaders work on relationship building as well as extending the lesson.  The main objective of this is to make God relevant to the kids and to educate them on their level!  Our goal is for our kids to worship and learn while having fun.  We are so excited when kids realize how much Jesus loves and values them and that the lessons from scripture apply to their lives.

We want our children to know that they are part of our church family, no matter what age.   We want the children to stay and sing with their families during praise worship time.  After praise worship, the children are released to their classes.


 Kids are loving church!

"Our classes are growing as kids are excited to come back.  As I spoke with a father of two of our boys from class, he said that since they recently had a new baby it's difficult to get ready on Sunday mornings, but that his boys want to come so badly."

We recently heard from a mother that it is no longer a fight to get their child to come to church.  "He loves New Hope Kids!" 

Another set of kids recently told their mom they like their new church better because they can "play and learn and don't just have to sit at a table and learn."