Love Those Rebukes

Mark 14:5 "...and they rebuked her harshly."

What is it about human nature that causes us to criticize others?  Why do we look down on people that are different than ourselves?  All of us have "tunnel vision" based on our knowledge and past experiences.  We tend to see things only from our own perspective.  It gets worse when we attach motives to their actions.  Only God truly knows the heart.  Want to try something new?  The next time you are tempted to be critical, try saying, "well that's different".  Then take the time to wonder about possible good reasons why they did or said what they did.  After all, this woman was not only defended by Jesus but he honored her for what the others were condemning her for.  

vs6 "She has done a beautiful thing"

vs9 "Wherever the gospel is told, what she has done will be told."  

Love your neighbor,

- Tim