Jesus' Eyes

Jesus' words were always able to amaze and move people, but Mark, at times seems to be moved just as much by Jesus' eyes and the emotions that He expressed with them. In Mark 3:5 as Jesus responded to the Pharisees: “And when He had looked around at them with anger, being grieved by the hardness of their hearts..."  Several times Mark states that Jesus looked upon His disciples with disappointment.  Three of the Gospels tell the story of the rich young ruler, but only Mark noticed the look in Jesus' eyes.  “Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him..." Mark 10:21.  I wonder if the young ruler was sad and sorrowful because he was going to have to give up his possessions to inherit eternal life, or because he wasn't willing to give them up.  It seems hard to believe that someone could hear the words of Jesus and behold the love in His eyes and still not follow Him, but all we have to do is look around us and see it happening.  Or maybe just look at ourselves.