Is It Me Or A Demon???

And no, I don't want your opinion :)


When Jesus talks to the one called Legion in Mark 5, there is an interesting anomaly.  Sometimes the man is refereed to in the singular (vs 7,9,10) and sometimes in the plural (9,12,13).  Notice verse 9, "Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” “My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.”  So which is it, the man or the demons?  Well, I'm not sure you can separate them.  They are intertwined as the demons possess/control the man. 

While I don't think I'm demon possessed, I do think sin does the same thing.  I like to think of myself as kind, loving and compassionate with a few sins in my life.  The reality is that sin has become a part of my heart and mind.  It is not a separate part of me but actually intermingled into me.  That scares me.  It makes me want to be more serious about getting rid of sin in my life.  Jesus makes that possible.

How about you?  Some junk in your life that you have been ignoring?  It probably has sunk deeper into your heart and mind than you think.  


Free through Jesus,