Good Good Father

24-26 From there Jesus set out for the vicinity of Tyre. He entered a house there where he didn’t think he would be found, but he couldn’t escape notice. He was barely inside when a woman who had a disturbed daughter heard where he was. She came and knelt at his feet, begging for help. The woman was Greek, Syro-Phoenician by birth. She asked him to cure her daughter.
27 He said, “Stand in line and take your turn. The children get fed first. If there’s any left over, the dogs get it.”
28 She said, “Of course, Master. But don’t dogs under the table get scraps dropped by the children?”
29-30 Jesus was impressed. “You’re right! On your way! Your daughter is no longer disturbed. The demonic affliction is gone.” She went home and found her daughter relaxed on the bed, the torment gone for good.

This passage has always confused me. I've hear it explained as an example of the humility we need when approaching God. I've heard some say it is a great expression of faith, an object lesson for the "first" Jesus mentions, and also a testament to the awesomeness of even God's "table scraps." I can't say that I know the answer for sure, but I do believe we are children of a good good Father.

I hope you see and feel the ways you're loved by our good good Father today.