Mark 5 - Asking and Faith

Three people are healed in this chapter, and none of them asked for it. The evil spirits asked to not be tortured and to be cast into pigs. The crowd pleaded with Jesus to go away and leave them alone. The healed man asked to go with Jesus after he was healed. The synagogue leader pleaded fervently for Jesus to heal his daughter. Even Jesus had a couple of questions in this chapter: “What is your name?” “Who touched me?” “Why all this commotion and weeping?”

But the possessed man did not ask to be healed. The bleeding woman touched Jesus without asking. And the dying girl was dead when Jesus arrived. None of them asked to be healed, but Jesus still healed them. 

That blew my mind when I realized it. I often struggle with asking God for help because I worry that it shows a lack of faith. I love how this chapter reminds us of just how much Jesus wants to help us all.