"Instead of do, do, do, it’s done, done, done!"

In thinking about Mark 1 and the gospel message—Jesus proclaiming it and then going around preaching it, these words struck me this morning as I was reading out of the Mirror Bible in Romans 1 . . .

“The gospel is the revelation of the righteousness of God; it unveils how the Father, Son and Spirit succeeded to put mankind right with themselves.  It is about what God did right, not what Adam did wrong.  The good news reveals how God’s righteousness rescued the life of our design and redeemed our innocence.  Mankind’s futile efforts to obey moral laws have failed them miserably—the good news shifts the emphasis away from mankind’s failure and condemnation to highlight what it was that God accomplished in Jesus Christ on humanity’s behalf!  ‘Look away (from the law of works) unto Jesus; he is the Author and finisher of faith.’  The language of the old written code was, ‘Do in order to become!  The language of the new is, ‘Be, because of what was done!’  Instead of do, do, do, it’s done, done, done!  It is God’s faith to begin with; it is from faith to faith, and not our good or bad behavior; we are not defined by our performance or circumstances.”



Julie Beckloff