Mark: The Big Picture

I don't know about you, if you've already read the Gospel of Mark a bunch of times in your life or maybe this is your first crack at it. Maybe you love reading; the feeling of a book in your hand, or the black and white on the screen, words coming to life in your mind and heart as you read. 

Maybe that's not you. Maybe you read and read and the words fall flat. Maybe you can't picture it and don't see how it all flows together. Maybe you get to the end of the page or the screen and.. nothing. 

I hope this video helps. It helped me get the big picture view of Mark. I've enjoyed watching several videos made by this group. It's helped scripture come alive, helped me see things I hadn't seen before. This helped me know where we are headed on this journey through Mark, and put the things I'm reading from chapter 1 in context. Maybe it can help you too as we walk with Jesus. 

May we be more and more like Jesus today,