Mark 1:18 "At once.."

I love lists. Writing them in journals, on post-its, on the back of napkins, whatever. I love planning. I love checking things off, or more accurately, drawing a big fat line through a task completed. 

 My desk, my lists, and my beloved planner. 

My desk, my lists, and my beloved planner. 

I got this new planner for Christmas from my mom and dad. It's everything I've ever wanted in a planner.  I get so happy when I can make room for tasks big and small, when I can work toward something, when I can give something or someone the time and energy they need. I schedule a lot in my planner. I've even been known to write "Spontaneous Fun" to block out a day on the calendar. Yes. I sometimes schedule spontaneity. 

Something I've realized about using a life planner or being a list maker:  I can't let it rule me. I would hate to miss a precious opportunity or invitation because I am imprisoned by my schedule or lists. 

With this in mind, I read in Mark chapter 1 that Jesus approached Simon and Andrew and invites them to follow him. And.. 

"At once they left their nets and followed him." - Mark 1:18

I wonder what my response would have been? Jesus coming by that day at work wasn't in their planner. It wasn't in Simon and Andrew's schedule for the day to leave their jobs and follow this new teacher. We don't hear Jesus give them an itinerary or give them more details than the simple invitation to join him, to be in relationship with him, to follow his lead. 

I love and admire their immediate response. I desire to have the same response. To follow Jesus day by day. To listen to the Spirit and keep in step with the Lord. I love using my planner. I don't think it's a bad thing. I think God made me with these gifts to organize and lead and dream about the future while working toward it today. In light of Simon and Andrew's response to Jesus' invitation, I am encouraged to check my heart, and look for all the ways Jesus invites me into relationship with him. Have I missed any opportunities lately because of my lists? Is there something Jesus is inviting me to today? I pray for the heart to follow his call "at once" like Simon and Andrew! 

Let's listen and follow,