Mark 3:5 - Jesus' Emotions

My family enjoys watching movies together.  A favorite of ours over the past few years is the Disney movie “Inside Out”.  This is a powerful movie that looks into the emotions of a young girl and the struggle that she has learning how to deal with her emotions.  The characters of the movie are the emotions anger, joy, sadness, disgust and fear.  As humans, we all experience these emotions and at times struggle with handling them.  Sometimes our emotions even get the better of us.  

 Through the first three chapters of Mark, Jesus has healed countless people with many different ailments and has forced many demons out of people.  He is surrounded by those wanting to experience his power.  Jesus has power over all.  He is almighty God on earth.  The one who created all things is now living with his creation.    

Mark 3:5  “Jesus was angry as he looked at the people and he felt very sad because they were stubborn.”  (NCV)

 It is easy for me to see Jesus as God.  What I often forget is that He was just as human as He was God.  Jesus experienced the same emotions that I experience.  This passage reminds me of the humanity of Jesus.  Remembering this does two things for me.  First, it encourages me to continue to control my emotions as Jesus did.  Secondly, it makes the story all that much greater.  Jesus was not immune to emotions.  He experienced them all.  He was human.  God became flesh and dwelt among us.  And why?  To save us! What a powerful story!