Mark 2:12 - Stories That Inspire Praise

When I see the response of the crowd in Mark 2 to the healing of the paralyzed man, I'm reminded why I love the power of a good story. I love when people share their testimony. I used to be intimidated by the word "testimony." Now I see that testimony is any story of God's presence or work in my life.. And it is powerful!  

God's mercy, love, power, grace, forgiveness, compassion, and so much more about his character are on display in countless ways, in all of us, daily. Any story of what God is doing in your life or mine is beautiful and can inspire others to praise God, maybe even to be amazed and say, "We have never seen anything like this!" 

I'm excited to share more of what God's doing in my life. Because when I do I get to celebrate God. I get to make his name famous. That's worship! I'd love to hear more of your stories about God's work in your life. And I'd love to be amazed and praise God together! 

Share a story in the comments and let's praise God together.