Mark 2 - See More Like Jesus

It's not surprising but sometimes amazing how you get a new perspective on scripture based on the the things that you are going through in your life.  With the problems I have had with my vision over the last several years one of the things that jumped out at me from Mark 2 is how different people "see" or perceive the same event. 


The scribes saw the people Jesus ate with and saw sinners.  Jesus saw the same people but saw them as those who needed a physician.  Jesus saw the faith of the four friends, while, undoubtedly, many wished they would quit making a distraction and quit tearing up the roof.  When the Pharisees heard Jesus' words and saw His miracle, they saw Him as a blasphemer, while others were amazed and "had never seen anything like this."  When the Pharisees saw that Jesus' disciples were not fasting, and were picking grain on the Sabbath, they saw them as breaking the law, while Jesus saw them as going about His work. 

Listen to "Open the eyes of my hear, Lord" by Michael W. Smith

A song that has come to mean a lot to me during my vision problems is "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord".  I may never have 20/20 vision again, but it is possible that I can "see" more like Jesus.  It is amazing how God's word can speak to us where we are at, right now.